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Your newly refinished countertop, tub and or tiles are warranted for 3 years.This warranty covers defects in the quality of materials and workmanship. It Is limited to repair of product only. It does not cover wear and tear resulting from normal use. It does not cover damage caused by heavy or sharp objects striking the finish. This warranty is not transferable. Failure to follow care and maintenance instructions may void the warranty.

In order to retain a factory like finish:

  1. DO NOT use an abrasive cleaner, which will scratch the surface. Clean with a
    soft rag and antibacterial dish detergent.
  2. DO NOT drop sharp or heavy objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip.
    1. Contact NU2U Refinishing for repairs if this should occur. Chips only occur due to objects striking the Finish.
  3. ALL leaky faucets must be repaired to protect the finish against the eroding action of dripping water which may cause the finish to crack and mar out prematurely.
  4. Destruction of the finish may occur through the improper use of acid bearing compounds (drain openers, tile grout cleaners). All chemicals must be kept away from the finish (cosmetics, hair dyes, and perfumes) which may stain or mar the finish.
  5. DO NOT USE RUBBER BATH MATS. Most rubber mats will produce a
    reaction with the finish when subjected to hot water. NUZU Refinishing
    recommends a nonrubber slip proof mat.
  6. DO NOT get surface wet for 24 hours after completion.
  7. NEVER use suction cup bath mats or other suction products on your tub. Do not put tape or adhesive on the finish.
  8. To keep the finish looking its best for many years do not store shampoo etc. on the corner ledge. This allows water to be trapped under the bottles. In time this can cause a dull or yellow water stain. Use a hanging shower caddy to avoid this situation.

As a tip, it Is a good idea to occasionally use liquid car wax on your counters, tub, and tile. Wax will protect the finish and make It easier to clean. it will also keep it looking newer longer. Apply around the drain, sides, top, and outside of the surface. Do not apply on the bottom of tubs where you stand. It would make it too slippery and be very unsafe.