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Refinishing Process

Steps for Tub Refinishing:

  1.  Clean tub with a razor blade or sandpaper or combination of both.

  2.  Remove caulking with scraper and razor blade.

  3.    Scrub with abrasive tub scrubber.

  4.  Wash down and sand down the tub with 80 grit wet sand paper.

  5.  Rinse down tub with water and sponge again.

  6.  Vacuum water out from the caulking line and drainage area.

  7.  Use Lacquer thinner to thoroughly rinse the tub and let it dry.

  8.  Secure shower head and faucet with a plastic bag or gloves to avoid any leaking of water that
can interfere/damage with the process.

  9. Mask tub and room accordingly.

10.  Use tact cloth to get rid of any debris on the tub.

11.  Place ventilation system on the floor to reduce fumes and avoid any debris or if dust falls on
the tub.

12.  Tact it again for a final wipe to pick up any dust left on the bottom of the tub.

13.  Using primer, spray 2 good coats covering the entire tub.

14.  Let it stands in between coats then use mixed acrylic polyurethane to spray as a topcoat.

15.  Spray 3-4 coats on the tub leaving no drip or run.